Monday, March 28, 2011

3 MULTI tour & travel

Tour progarames & operator

Bukit Lawang ( Bohorok )
Welcome to ............
Bukit Lawang the magnificien of Jungle atmosphere......//
The Gunung Leuser National Park ,part of Bukit Lawang
"Orang Utan rehabilitation Center"

Come and Join Us at Bukit Lawang Open Zoo , 
Tangkahan , Berastagi,Kuta cane. 
We have many activity and package to cater to
every different type of people

Things to see And Do:

1.See Orang Utan Ofcourse,2.Tubing,3.Rafting
4.Caving,5.Sight seing,6.See The traditional dancing
7.Visit Traditional market,8.Public Ways life/style,tradition,and custome
9.Rafting (Wampu River ,Alas River,Asahan River)
- Bukit Kawang _ Bukit Lawang ( Gunung Leuser)
- Bukit Lawang _ Berastagi ( Gunung Leuser)
- Bukit Lawang _ Tangkahan ( Gunung Leuser)
- Bukit Lawang _ Kuta Cane ( Gunung Leuser )
11. Fucking Bikes
Bukit Lawang Tourist Object

The Wild Orang Utan
Orang Utan feeding Flat Form

Bukit Lawang Open Zoo: Visiting Bukit Lawang
anytime soon?Enjoy a blend of forest landscapes 
and wonderful collection of over 8,000 animals
& birds representing over 300 species
only at Bukit Lawang Open Zoo.

JOURNEY TO THE JUNGLE is an educational 
conversation based experience designed and 
operated by ,Compac_Compac.Do.Tour & 
Travel Service,within Bukit Lawang Open Zoo. 
This program enables guests to get up close
with and appreciate of the most endangered
species on the planet. In the subsidiary
of Journey to the Jungle, the animals live 
in a stress free environment receiving a highly
specialized diet,veterinary care and the 
necessary stimulation from interaction with 
their handlers.

The primarygoals of this
program are to educate 
generalpublic and provide
animal enrichment..............//

Tangkahan Tourist Object.......
North Sumatera,Medan,Indinesia.

Come and Join 
Us at Tangkahan
open zoo,
to for some days
elephant trek in the 
really wild and very 
dense jungle and 
reach of flora 
and fauna.

Morning after breakfast starting for Elephant 
trek with the group,riding your elephant to go
through under the tropical rain forest to
go on special and iteresting palces.Midday 
having rest to geth for some foods for your
lunch,the trip on till theafternoon 
,back to your accomodation,the trip end.

Tangkahan beside the 
very beautyful tropical
rain jungle and fresh
weather, nice river,
waterfall, hot spring water, caves,jungle fiew 
,big of oil palm plantation, there is 
also a place of the elephant training center, 
how to set the elephant be back into their
habitat or be able how to live free  in the 
jungle .this places is often using as tourist
attraction,before the elephant really get wild 
in the jungle.

We simply to over 
of this activities to
the public by our
either abroad who
interested of wild

"Tangkahan of Vacinity" ........
the magnificien of Jungle atmosphere....../
The Gunung Leuser National Park
,part of  Tangkahan " The Special Elephant Trek "